Treasure hunters needed! Retired archaeologist seeking to compile lost artifacts. Must be willing to travel, search for mysterious relics and have a sense of adventure! A handsome reward for each item returned and an even greater prize when entire set is completed. For further details, come to Brohorn Manor on the outskirts of Francutti.

This campaign is set up in my ongoing project fantasy realm known as Gransfere. The story begins in the Luviare region on the continent of Aqe’ena. I have created many maps, characters and other bits that basically only I know. Just to make it an easy transition, pretty much any of the 4e races will work. I may have to change details about them to match the flavor of the world, but just ask me and I give you details about that race. Example, drow are okay to play because they are merely dark elves in my world, just a different type of elves that worshiped a different god. I will do my best to post facts and details about a large portion of my world in the wiki, but ask me if there’s anything you need to know and I’ll confuse you with ramblings.

Relics of the Bound